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Brisbane wedding photography- studio deco2

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Creating Studio Portraits and Film Documentaries

Brisbane Portrait Photography

 Finding the stillness for a frenetic performer ..

Brisbane Portrait Photography

And having too much fun
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What are you saying about us

"You and your team did an outstanding job of the best day of our lives, your creativity, sensitivity and professionalism are greatly appreciated, thank you. We will not hesitate to recommend your business to future bridal couples" G & V Kneebone

"It is an impressive piece and will be a wonderful asset"- Dr Graham Lee

"You did a wonderful job. Thank you so much you captured the day perfectly- there are so many beautiful shots" B & L Allwood

" Hi Jeremy' just wanted to say a massive thanks you really captured the day. I'll definitely recommend you to anyone else having their weddings in Brisbane. Cheers and thanks again" L.Clissold

"very professional. I'm really pleased and it is has been an education to observe you in action" Professor Peter Shah

There’s so many photographers out there


and you’re absolutely right but only one Studio Deco. I am proud to have had my work scrutinised and assessed by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography and not only be a member but won national awards because I’m committed to creating a quality piece of work day after day. My passion is to push myself and strive for something more excellent rather than knock out the same cliched work. Everyone wants to say they love their job but the reality is for most people it’s only short lived. My first commision was for the Bank of England when I was 16 and since then I have had the privilege of creating hundreds of thousands images for clients and I truly love my work. Every day is different and there are always new challenges but my fundamental philosophy is creating quality work that my clients will enjoy. So when I create, my first thought is:


How Can I Excel


whether its brisbane wedding photography, studio portraiture or a commercial project

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 Studio Deco Photography Hi and thanks for looking in. Studio Deco Photography is the creation of  Jeremy, graduate from QUT Creative Industries in Brisbane. “Like so many people my journey has taken many paths to get me where I am today. I have worked both sides of the lens as a performer, stage manager, cameraman, lighting, production design and photographer, (This experience allows me to […]

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Wedding Links and professional photography

Wedding Links and professional photography

Well its full throttle Christmas here we come with fun, decorations, gorgeous food and some well earned drinks. Then of course it’ll be the New Year and back to some incredible wedding photography. Love, passion, romance and wedding links to some great moments we’ve had capturing weddings. But what makes a perfect wedding? is it lots of money spent on the day? is it the […]

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Our New Brisbane Portrait Studio

Our New Brisbane Portrait Studio

Well at last we are in our new Brisbane Portrait Studio . It’s huge with a massive office, leather chairs and a great coffee machine Woo Hoo. There’s plenty of parking and it’s only 15 minutes from the CBD. We’ve already been making some great portraits and we have a fantastic studio offer throughout December and January for studio portraits. We are also looking for […]

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Studio Deco in Sydney

Studio Deco in Sydney

Sydney- A little work and a special weekend for Morgan who was celebrating his 18th…

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